What are the similarities between Lakunle and Baroka?  

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Although the characters of Lakunle and Baroka have many differences, they happen to share several similarities throughout the play The Lion and the Jewel. Both Lakunle and Baroka wish to marry the village belle, Sidi. Lakunle confesses his love, yet refuses to pay the bride-price and does not marry her. However, Baroka is able to deceive Sidi into believing that he is impotent and successfully woos her after promising Sidi that her face will be on every printed stamp coming from Ilujinle. Throughout the play, Lakunle is a proponent of modernization and values progress over maintaining traditional customs. Baroka values traditional customs but accepts progress towards modernization. He tells Sidi that he and Lakunle are alike and believes that change is a good thing. Both characters are also intelligent. Lakunle is educated and values reading and writing. He is considered the village madman for the "big words" he uses as well as his affinity for Western culture. Baroka is also viewed as smart and cunning throughout the play. He is known as the Fox, and Sadiku warns Sidi of his wit before she attends his dinner. Baroka outsmarts both Sadiku and Sidi into successfully getting what he wants.

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