What are the similarities elements between Things Fall Apart by Achebe and Weep Not, Child by Ngugi?I mean similar points between the two novels

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copelmat eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both of the African novels address the harsh realities of colonization and imperialism and their effects on the indigenous inhabitants of Nigeria (Things Fall Apart) and Kenya (Weep Not, Child). Both novels also feature as their main characters strong males who hold leadership positions within their tribes. In Things Fall Apart we read of Okonkwo, a leader among the Ibo people and in Weep Not, Child we encounter Njoroje of the Gikuyu. Also, both main characters attempt to hang themselves at the end of each novel. Okonkwo is successful in taking his own life and avoid trial in the white courts, although his suicide ruins his reputation among his own people. Njoroje is not successful in his suicide attempt as his mother finds him before he able to complete the act.

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