What similarities and differences are there for this book and real life? (How historically acurate is this book?)

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The characters are accurately named and there are certainly aspects of his parents and the people around him as a young boy that might be accurate but there are very few verifiable historical records from the time so it is somewhat difficult to decide exacly how accurate the portrayal of his adolescence is.  His tutor Hephaistion and the boys he studies with are all correctly identified as well.  The spartan education he received is certainly not clearly documented but it is relatively widely accepted that he did study classical literature and develop an affection for the works of Homer among others.

The problems that arise when Philip marries the young Macedonian are also historically verified and Alexander did in fact go into exile with his mother for a time until a friend mediated a return and soon thereafter Philip was assassinated and Alexander rose to inherit the throne and begin his father's planned conquest of Asia.


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