What are the similarities and differences of the roles of women and their social positions in the Middle East and Africa?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that there is a great deal of research out there on this topic and while this forum can assist, exploring this scholarship will truly help on such a task.  When engaging on a task like this that explores women in different cultural settings, comparing and contrasting them to one another. and doing so from a setting different from both, it is really important to make sure that quality research practices are evident so that there is as little misrepresentation as possible.  I think that you might want to examine how the social and political treatment of women might be similar in both settings.  What are women legally permitted to do and what is legally absent for women in the codified practices of each setting?  It might also be worthwhile for you to explore how different social orders in different parts of each region treat women.  "Africa" is a continent.  There are literally thousands, if not more, of different social and cultural orders on the continent.  Certainly, not all of them treat women the same.  The "Middle East" is as eclectic, spanning different nations with different practices.  It is really important that you are able to pull from specific narratives and cultural expressions in the comparison of an intense topic with such richness in complexly.