What are the similarities and differences between Israel and Babylonian?

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Both Israel and Babylonia existed in the same part of the world in the same general timeframe. The Babylonians were centered in Mesopotamia, in modern day Iraq, along the Euphrates River. Israel was located further west, in the Levant Region, along the cost of the Mediterranean Sea. Both ancient cultures, we are looking at economies where wealth was tied closely with land, where rule was dominated by kingship (and a deeply religious vision of kingship at that), and which existed in a part of the world which featured frequent migrations and conflict. War played a critical part in the histories of both Israel and Babylon (and in fact, being that they were in the same part of the world, their stories often intersected—consider the prevalence that both Assyria and Persia have in their histories, as well as the inclusion of Babylon itself in the Jewish texts).

Religiously, many ancient cultures tend to have personal ties with a particular god, even in polytheistic settings. The chief...

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