What are the similarities and differences between the Glorious, French, and American revolutions?  

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The Glorious Revolution, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution were all rebellions against monarchs. However, their motives, causes, and results were all quite different.

The Glorious Revolution was different from the other two because it did not result in any social change. For most people in England, life before the Glorious Revolution was pretty much the same afterward. It was also fought for religious as well as political reasons. Parliament was run by protestants. King James II was Catholic. This was a period of tense relations between English Protestants and Catholics. Parliament feared that James was going to lead England back into the Catholic fold and that he was going to make secret alliances with the French to accomplish this. There was no such religious struggle as part of the American and French revolutions.

The American Revolution differed because it was fought by colonists in order to shed their political bonds with their home-nation. The motives of the...

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