What Similarities and Differences exist between the political factions of the Legislative Assembly and those in the U.S government today?

Expert Answers
dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Political factions in the legislature could include the different parties, the Democrats and Republicans and less well known players. Some even say that political action committees (PAC's) are a faction because even though they do not sit on the legislative body their influence is immense. All factions are similar in the fact that they want their ideas and concerns addressed by the legislature and they want their respective parties to pass legislation that they propose. Far too often, the wheels of progress turn slowly because one party wants to "win"and the concept of greater good for the greater number is left flailing by the wayside.

The various factions have far more differences and ideas as far as the way government should be run, policies adapted by the administration, and the amount of funds that should be spent. For specific voting differences you can refer to the legislative record in your state.