What are the similarities and differences between Daniel and Joel throughout the novel The Bronze Bow?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daniel and Joel both come from Jewish families, were raised in Galilee, and have one female sibling. They are both loyal, courageous young men who feel strongly about the Roman occupation. They both take a vow to fight for Israel and "For God's Victory" (Speare 85). Daniel and Joel both recruit individuals to join Rosh's band and participate in raids and various plans to undermine Rome and its sympathizers. As the novel progresses, both boys travel to listen to Jesus speak. At the end of the novel, they both abandon Rosh's band and chose to leave Israel's future in God's hands.

Although Daniel and Joel share many similarities, they both come from drastically different backgrounds. Daniel comes from a poor family, has experienced the loss of both parents, and chose to live in the mountains with Rosh. Joel, on the other hand, has been raised in a wealthy family, has been given an opportunity to become a rabbi, and lives in the city. Throughout the majority of the novel, Daniel is an angry individual who seeks vengeance, while Joel is an understanding individual who spends the majority of his time studying. Daniel is also known for his physical prowess while Joel is known for intelligence. Despite their differences, both boys feel strongly about Israel's independence and choose help Rosh's cause.