What are the similarities and differences between the theories of Maslow and Mcguire?

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Maslow's motivational theory arranges the important needs into a hierarchy of five levels. This hierarchy depends on the relative importance of the needs to consumer. The five levels of needs identified and hierarchized are:

1) physiological needs

2) safety needs

3) social needs

4) self esteem needs

5) self actualization needs

While Maslow's motivational theory identifies five levels of needs, McGuire's motivational theory identifies 12 significant needs, such that: 1)independence need; 2) categorize need; 3) consistency need; 4) self-defense need; 5) novelty need; 6) self-expression need; 7) acceptance and approval need; 8) self-esteem boosters need; 9) affiliation need; 10) model need; 11) need of inspiration; 12) attribute causation need.

Though both, Maslow and McGuire, prioritize, in their motivational theories, the identified needs differently, these needs play a significant role in influencing consumers' behavior and the degree of motivation. Hence, the better the marketer understands the sources of stimulation that lead to the combination of needs and the level of involvement that affect the consumer, the best corresponding advertising strategies the marketer will design.

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