What are the similarities and differences between Morning Girl and Star Boy in Morning Girl by Michael Dorris?

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Morning Girl and Star Boy are the main characters in Morning Girl by Michael Dorris. Morning Girl is older than her brother, is very contemplative by nature, and a believer in making the most out of each day. She believes that, "if the day starts before you do, you never catch up... The day wins." In contrast, her brother, Star Boy,is a typical boy, very active. He is captivated by the night and the fact that "everyone is invisible." 

Morning Girl finds it easier to express herself and her self-awareness ensures that she can understand her place in the community and recognize the needs of others, although she is still a child and does need reassurance. She is very protective of her brother; something that he comes to appreciate, even giving her the name "The One who Stands Beside," which reveals that he, like his sister, is growing up.  Names are important and Morning Girl recognizes their significance: "If your name is true, it is who you are."

Although they are very different, as children, they have the usual squabbles and disagreements, each demanding their parents' attention and resentful of the other. Additionally, Morning Girl prefers an organized existence where things have their place in the world whereas Star Boy accepts incidents as they occur. However, they complement each other and their close attachment to nature ensures that, between them, they have a unique bond. 

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