What are the similarities and differences between DIRECT METHOD and COMMUNICATIVE APPROACH to language teaching?answer in detail

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Direct method and communicative approach are two methods of language teaching both of them aim to master language components and in the both of them the teacher plays a role in helping students acquiring the language ,although they differ in the nature of teacher role and the importance of language component 

In the direct method the role of teacher maximize to be the monitor of the class he became the sender and the learner became the receiver unlike communicative approach in which the learner is the centre of the teaching process

Direct method depends on the lecture style in which the teacher illustrate the lesson with out contribution from the learner while the communicative method works on minimizing teacher talk and giving the learner opportunities to interact be involved in learning process by many ways such as, role plays ,simulation,problem solvingactivities....etc.

In direct method the teacher focus more on managing lexical,grammatical and phonological rules while the major focus in the communicative approach is on expressing meaning and achieving the communication using the language.

so we can say in other words that direct method interests in accuracy and form whereas the communicative method interests in fluency and meaning.