What are similarities and differences between Aunt Alexandra and Maudie Atkinson throughout To Kill a Mockingbird

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Both Aunt Alexandra and Miss Maudie are mother figures to Scout and Jem, and both are southern ladies who live in Maycomb, so they share a similar cultural background.

Beyond that, they are very different people, and Aunt Alexandra could be seen as the "bad" (or at least very conventional) mother figure in contrast to Miss Maudie's "good" mothering of the children.

Aunt Alexandra represents the conventional white middle class lady of Maycomb, and she quickly integrates into the heart of the community, becoming part of the Missionary Society and hosting ladies' teas. She shares the values of her neighbors: she wants to get rid of Calpurnia as a bad influence on Scout, she wants Scout to wear dresses and behave like a lady, and she is distressed that Atticus has not taught his children all about their Southern ancestors and taught them to have pride in their family heritage. She wants to repress the children, especially Scout, and turn them into typical specimens of their society.

Miss Maudie,...

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