What are the similarities and differences between Anne Moody and her mother in the autobiography Coming of Age in Mississippi?

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Coming of Age in Mississippi was written in 1968 and is civil rights activist Anne Moody’s memoir about life as an African American child and then a young woman growing up in poverty in the rural South. The memoir chronicles her life from ages four to twenty-three.

Anne Moody was born in 1940 in the rural South to a poor African American family. She is socially aware and intolerant of the racism and discrimination she suffers and observes around her. But it is specifically the murder of Emmett Till in 1955 that prompts Anne to join the civil rights movement. Anne is a strong-willed, independent, intelligent young woman who wants to end oppression. She goes on to college, and from there, she joins the civil rights movement.

Mama Moody, the mother of Anne and five other siblings, typifies the older generation of African Americans living in Mississippi. Like Anne, Mama is a strong woman. After her husband leaves her, Mama works a number of jobs and raises her children on her own. She and...

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