What are the similarities and differences between Animal Farm and Macbeth in terms of the theme of fear?

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Both of these works reveal how tyrannical leaders oppress their subjects and create an atmosphere of fear in their respective societies. Macbeth tyrannically rules over Scotland and cultivates a hysterical, fearful environment. He becomes bloodthirsty and murders anyone he considers a threat to his throne. Respected thanes flee Scotland, and those left behind become victims at the hands of their maniacal ruler. Similarly, in Animal Farm, Napoleon establishes a hysterical environment on the farm, where his subjects live in constant fear. He holds public executions, and the other animals watch as Napoleon's dogs brutally murder defenseless victims.

Macbeth experiences a significant amount of fear and is plagued by anxiety after assassinating King Duncan. Macbeth fears that his position as king is threatened by his political enemies; he even attempts to kill Banquo and his son (and succeeds in killing the former) to protect his legacy. Macbeth also fears Macduff, whom the witches warn him about...

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