What are the basic similarities and differences between classicism and neoclassicism?

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Neoclassicism is a modern revival of the aesthetics and ideas of classical Greece and Rome, which are known as classicism. Because neoclassicism is purposefully meant to evoke classicism, there is not very much outward difference between the two. Neoclassicists were imitators of the notions that the ancients had developed centuries earlier.

Let's look at literature to compare the two. Both genres put a heavy emphasis on the role of the individual within a highly functioning society. Classical Athenian writers of philosophy, comedy, and tragedy wrote extensively on this topic. We can see this in the plays of Aristophanes and Sophocles and particularly in the writings of Plato. Neoclassicists continued this tradition, as seen in the writings of such nineteenth-century writers as Costache Aristia and Ion Luca Caragiale. These neoclassical writers, as well as many others, often strove to embody the classical unities, as laid out by Aristotle in Poetics.

Differences can be seen between these two...

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