What are the similarities between what is occurring in the  The Lottery (2010) and the issues addressed by Harlem Renaissance authors?

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I think that one of the basic similarities between both the film and the movement is that both are seeking to give voice to what has been silent.  The Harlem Renaissance sought to give a voice to the newly emergent and consciousness of African- Americans.  The film gives voice to how children in the inner- cities seek out better educational opportunities for themselves and how their families struggle towards this end.  I think that another similarity between both the movement and the film is that both present a complex network of paths to pursue, with the only certainty that something is needed and something needs to be done.  For the Harlem Renaissance, different thinkers and different approaches were embraced in terms of seeking to remedy the issue of African- Americans lacking voice.  In the film, the idea of how families from the Bronx and Harlem seek educational excellence for their children in a setting that lacks it is the critical issue.  Both endeavors are manners in which voice is sought, without an absolute answer other than something needs to be done.

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