What are the similarities between the U.S. at the time of Lincoln's 2nd Inauguration and South Africa at the time of the Apartheid laws?  

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you are probably examining how Jim Crow legislation in the South is similar to apartheid legislation in South Africa.  There is much in way of similarity.  White Southerners did not want to give rights to newly freed slaves in much the same way that Afrikaners did not want to give rights to Black South Africans.  Both used the law as a way to maintain control over their people and made sure that there were strict penalties for those who violated the stratification present in the legal code.  Both apartheid and Jim Crow laws were examples of substantive due process violations, where the law itself was wrong and violated individual rights.  In the end, both segregation and apartheid only met their end when intense social pressure came to a boil and forcibly dislodged them out of practice.