Angels in America Questions and Answers
by Tony Kushner

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What are the similarities between Angels in America and Joe Turner's Come and Gone?

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One of the strongest similarities between both works is that they explore one aspect of "the other" in American society.  Wilson and Kushner focus on one particular aspect of American society that is not fully understood and explore it with depth and precision.  Neither work gives "the answer," but rather presents more questions which contribute to a greater understanding to a segment of American society.

For Wilson, the focus of his work is to explore a part of the meaning in being African- American.  Wilson chooses the period of the 1910s to explore what constituted African- American identity in this time period.  He is able to evoke questions regarding African- American identity in the shadow of slavery and in the midst of the Great Migration.  The exploration of identity he offers enhances the understanding that one has of the historical condition of African- Americans.  In seeking to better understand what it means to be Black in America, Wilson is able to display a great deal of insight into the historical realities that African- Americans had to face.  This exploration allows the audience greater understanding into this section of American culture.  Wilson's work provides insight into African- American identity, a topic that is still discussed today and reflected upon in American society given recent events in Florida.

Kushner embarks on a very similar journey in his work.  Being homosexual in America was and is still a challenging notion to understand, similar to how being Black in America is still seeking to be fully...

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