What are the similarities between the old and new immigrants in the US?

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There are similarities between the old and new immigrants to the United States.  One of these similarities is why the immigrants came to the United States. Many immigrants have come to try to find a better life for themselves in this country. Many immigrants were very poor in their homeland and hoped to do better economically in our country. Other immigrants came to escape religious and/or political oppression. In our country, people are free to practice their religion and express themselves politically. These concepts didn’t always exist in their homeland. Another similarity is the difficulty immigrants faced upon arriving in the United States. Coming to a new land is very difficult. Immigrants had to learn a new language and adjust to new customs.  This often led to battles in families where the younger generation wanted to adopt American ways much quicker than the older generation wanted to do this. The older generation wanted to maintain traditions from their homeland.  Finally, old and new immigrants have found life in the United States to be very difficult. While opportunities do exist, the immigrants have had to work very hard to be successful.  It was much more difficult than many imagined it would be.

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