What are the similarities between Nick and Tom in "The Great Gatsby?"

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby have several things in common.  They are both very single minded.  They both want Daisy.  Tom wants to own her and Jay is obsessed with her.  They both like the finer things in life, however, not for the same reasons.  Tom buys a huge home for status while Jay buys a huge house and gives huge parties to impress Daisy.   Both men are athletic and attractive; they are use to being able to carry themselves well and are portrayed as physically superior.  Tom played football and polo to prove his athletic abilities while Jay fought in the war.   Both men have their own secret sins.  Jay has obtained his money illegally and will do just about anything to get to Daisy, including using her cousin Nick.  Tom is a brute to women, is unfaithful to his wife, lies, and hates other races.  Nick says that Daisy and Tom are in a “secret society whose main purpose is to ruin people’s lives,” and in some ways Jay Gatsby tries to also ruin Tom’s life by taking Daisy away from him.

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