What are the similarities between monarchy and democracy? 

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe your question is focusing on a constitutiinal monarchy as in a true monarchy there aren't many similarities.  There are similarities between a constitutional monarchy and democracy.  In both systems, the people elect their leaders.  While in a constitutional monarchy the King or Queen isn't elected, the lawmakers and the head leader such as a Prime Minister are elected.  In a democracy, all leaders are elected.  This includes the lawmakers and the chief executive.  In both systems there is a system of justice.  Laws and courts are created to ensure justice.  In both systems, people are able to influence the legislative and political process.  While the will of the people can be more clearly expressed in a democracy because there is no unelected King or Queen, the will of the people can be expressed and acted upon in both systems.  There are several similarities between a democracy and a constitutional monarchy.

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