Abraham Lincoln's Presidency

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What are the similarities between Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson?

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Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln both came from frontier origins. Lincoln grew up in Illinois, while Jackson, born in the Carolina backcountry, moved to Tennessee as a young man. Both stressed their humble origins in their political careers as a means of appealing to ordinary Americans. While Lincoln began his political career as a Whig (a party conceived in opposition to Jackson), he had a natural affinity for the style of Jacksonian Democrats, especially those in the North. Jackson and Lincoln were both nationalists who denied the power of states to leave the Union or nullify its laws. Jackson stood against South Carolina in the nullification crisis of 1832, and Lincoln did the same thing again when South Carolina seceded, in 1860.

Both men also had a very expansive view of the powers of the presidency. In Lincoln's case, this largely stemmed from the circumstances of the Civil War, which required decisive action. He suspended the writ of habeas corpus, took a very active role in...

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