What are the similarities between Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester? Hi Are there any similarities between the chareter Jane and Mr Rochester? Thanks

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I think there are many similarities between Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester. In a way, both characters are trapped in their lives. Jane is held to a certain role because of her social standing and her past. Mr. Rochester is bound by his secret marriage and also by his role as a gentleman. Neither character can easily break the bonds that tie them to their social roles. Jane and Mr. Rochester are also similiar in spirit and temperment. Both are prone to see the dark side of things. Both characters hide a vibrant and wild spirit with a mask of calm disattachment. I think both Jane and Mr. Rochester feel things very deeply and in a unique way that those around them seem oblivous to. Jane and Mr. Rochester also share the ability to persevere through great adversity. Mr. Rochester had to overcome the difficulties of his family and being the younger brother. He has also had to endure the tourment of an insane wife that was forced on him in an arranged marriage. Jane has had to endure much suffering at the hands of her aunt and her time at school. Jane and Mr. Rochester are very similar and well suited to each other.

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