What were some similarities between France and England in the 17th century? 

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In terms of government, both countries had hereditary monarchs and a wealthy and powerful aristocracy, although they differed in that the English monarchy and nobility were more limited in power.

Both countries had state religions, Roman Catholicism in the case of France and the Protestant Church of England in the case of England and restricted the civil liberties of those not members of the state religions.

For both countries, a substantial proportion of their labor force and economy were devoted to agriculture, although England had a stronger manufacturing sector and entered into the Industrial Revolution earlier.

The educational system for the elites in both countries was based largely on classical models with children concentrating in school on the Greek and Latin classics. This gave both countries a shared culture.

Gender roles, especially among the upper classes, were distinct and enshrined in law, with women generally far more constrained in their scope of activity and unable to hold most real positions of power.


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