What are similarities between flora and fauna for kids?

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Flora means plants and fauna means animals. These terms usually refer to a location, such as the flora and fauna of a national forest. The total of all organisms, including bacteria and fungi, is referred to as biota.

All living things have these characteristics in common:

  • They are made of cells
  • The use acquire and use energy
  • They grow and develop
  • They reproduce
  • They respond to their environment
  • They have the ability to evolve (adapt to their environment)

Some of these chararateristics have different mechanisms in plants than in animals. For example, while both obtain food, plants make their own food using the energy from sunlight and animals eat plants and other animals. Animals are male and female and reproduce sexually. Plants also have male and female parts and reproduce sexually. Some plants also reproduce vegetatively, for example by sending out shoots or runners that become new plants. Spider plants and strawberry plants do this.

Animals have a nervous system through which they respond to their environment. Even animals without an actual brain have nerves of some type. Plants don't have a nervous system, but they can still detect and respond to environmental conditions such as sunlight and gravity. They turn toward the sun. Some plant track the sun throughout the say. Others, such as sunflowers, always face a particular direction. Plants grow upward, away from the force of the earth's gravity, and their roots grow downward toward gravity.

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