What are the similarities between Fitzgerald's life and the characters in The Great Gatsby?  

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There are many parallels between F. Scott Fitzgerald's life and that of his characters in The Great Gatsby. Indeed, Fitzgerald was born in the Midwest but moved to the East, always felt insecure in his position in Eastern society, and felt himself capable of observing others with an objective perspective - characteristics he shared with Jay Gatsby. As did Gatsby, Fitzgerald spent time in the military during World War I. He met the woman who eventually became his wife while he was in training camp in Alabama - similar to the situation between Gatsby and Daisy but with a different conclusion.

Fitzgerald and his wife lived on Long Island at one point in their lives. They entertained lavishly, with extravagant amounts of of liquor and elaborate decorations and entertainment. Their guests included wealthy individuals and those involved in the arts - the types of people portrayed in Tom and Daisy, Jordan, and Gatsby himself.

The people surrounding the Fitzgeralds and the people surrounding Gatsby were largely examples of the Lost Generation - interested in having a good time, self-centered, unconcerned about how their actions affected others, willing to try anything that might give them pleasure or help them acquire more money.


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