What are the similarities between F.Scott Fitzgeralds "Babylon Revisited" and The Great Gatsby?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To a correspondent, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that he had announced the birth of his illusions in his novel This Side of Paradise and the death of these illusions in the story "Babylon Revisited." 

Concerned with the illusions of those of the Jazz Age and their "utter irresponsibility," the settings of both works share some similarity.  Likewise, the characters of Charlie and Jay Gatsby are eager to regain what they feel they have lost, and return to regain love and purpose to their lives.  However, both characters are disillusioned in their expectations.

Themes that the two stories share are greed and the envy of money, love, abandonment of traditional Amerian values, the irrevocability and burden of one's past, sin, guilt and retribution, and self-mastery.  

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