What similarities and differences do you see in the situations and experiences of the two protagonists Winston Smith in 1984 and Viktor Frankl in Man's Search for Meaning? Without ignoring the obvious difference that one is fictitious character and the other is not, how did their situations and experiences influence the behaviors, personalities, and attitudes of the two? Use actual examples from the books to defend your answers.

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Both Winston Smith and Victor Frankl end up imprisoned by a totalitarian state in a dehumanizing situation meant to break their spirits. Frankl ended up in Auschwitz for the "crime" of being Jewish, and Winston ended up in the Ministry of Love for conspiring against Oceania and the Party.

Both are sympathetic characters caught up in unjust situations. Both are also sustained by thoughts of their beloved. Winston, for example, believes that no matter how much O'Brien tortures him and no matter what he confesses to or says, he will never lose his humanity because he will never betray Julia. Winston takes comfort in the fact that:

he had not betrayed her. He had not stopped loving her; his feelings towards her had remained the same

Frankl is also sustained by thought of his beloved, in his case, his wife. He...

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