What are some similarities between current American society and ancient Greece with respect to art, architecture, and politics?

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Although the form of democracy in the United States and ancient Athens is very different, there are still similarities. In many state and local elections, there are ballot questions in which voters decide issues by a popular referendum. Ancient Athens decided every major civic matter this way. In letting issues be decided directly by the voters, the United States is carrying on the tradition of the Athenians. This common sense of civic engagement plays out in other ways too. Both the United States and ancient Athens had trials by jury. All citizens were and are eligible for military service. Also, any adult citizen can serve a public office if elected.

In terms of architecture, many of ancient Greece's building styles are alive and well in the United States. Large buildings utilizing Greek elements, such as adorned columns, friezes, porticos, and tympana can be found all over the United States. This focus on Greek Revival architecture goes back to the founding days of the United States....

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