william1941 | Student

Silicones are a group of polymerized solixanes or polysiloxanes. These are polymers with both organic as well as inorganic components. The polymer has a background of silicon and oxygen chains to which are connected other organic compounds. By varying the organic compounds that are attached and the basic structure of the silicon- oxygen chain the properties of the polymers can be changed.

Silicones have unique properties like a long shelf life, no changes due to atmospheric conditions as well as electromagnetic radiation, a wide temperature range for operation, flexibility that is not degraded and they are extremely inert. This gives silicone functions in fields ranging from cookware, medical applications, adhesives, insulation, breast implants, among many others.

claramolee100 | Student

i just say a few words about silicones,Silicones are a family of specialty, high performance polymers. The silicone family includes silicones, siloxanes and silanes, all of which are widely used as intermediate building blocks in thousands of products from airbags to cookware to textiles.

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