What did Silas say was his reason for returning in The Death of the Hired Man?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Silas gave a number of reasons for wishing to return to Warren and Mary’s home. Mary asked Silas to go home with her, and after serving him tea, she tried to talk to him. Silas did not say much but asked for a chance to continue working for them. He informed Mary that he noticed the ditch was full of mud and that he is back to clear the meadow.

“Anything? Mary, confess. He said he’d come to ditch the meadow for me.”

He further stated that the upper pasture needed to be cleared, because if left unattended it would grow into a shrub.

“He meant to clear the upper pasture, too.”

He also promised that he had come back to stay. He made this promise because he abandoned his work at the Warren home whenever a different employer with better pay offered him a job. This was the same reason Warren did not want him back.

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