What signs of stress and fear can we see in ralph , piggy , and samneric in Lord of the Flies ?

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Golding provides several clues or physical details to indicate the boys' growing stress levels throughout Lord of the Flies.  For example, in the chapter seven when the boys go looking for the beast, Ralph notices that his fingernails have been chewed down to the quick and predicts that he will "be sucking [his] thumb next" (109).  Samneric's fear also manifests itself physically on the boys' bodies; Eric's face was "striped with scars where the busheds had torn him" in his effort to escape the beast on the mountain (100).  Piggy also bears the signs of stress and fear on his body as well, his broken glasses acting as a visible reminder of the threat of violence looming against the boy.  Golding's use of physical details reinforces the intensity of emotion within the novel.