What "signs" should have been cause for great concern among the Jews of Sighet? And Why did the Jews ignore the warnings?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book Night by Eli Wiesel, Moshe the Beadle was among the foreign Jews that had immigrated to Signet.  The Nazi's came into the town and rounded up the Jews and deported them.  The other Jews stood back and watched.  However, Moeshe was able to escape.  He returned to the others and tried to tell them what he had experienced.

Moesha was a very changed man.  He had been very happy and spiritual before.  After he came back he told how the Jews had been transported to a place where they had to dig graves and they were shot and shoved into the graves.  Infants and children were thrown on top of the adults.

The Jews ignored the warnings because they thought Moesha had just gone crazy.  They felt safe because they were citizens and could not believe that harm could come to them in a place where they had grown up a part of the country.

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