What signs of weakness does Daniel display that Rosh notices when he is caring for his grandmother in The Bronze Bow?

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Daniel's grandmother is fast approaching death, so Daniel has left Rosh and his other zealot comrades behind on the mountain while he goes to see her. Although he knows that this is the right thing to do, Daniel feels uneasy all the same. He finds it hard to reconcile his duties as a grandson with his commitment to the zealot cause.

The likes of Rosh have cut off all connections with their families and loved ones, committing themselves wholeheartedly to the cause of driving the Romans out of Israel. But Daniel's different; he cannot and will not forget his family, even though he knows that it will earn him the disapproval of Rosh.

To make matters worse, Daniel feels afraid as he sits by his grandmother's bedside in her darkened room. As he maintains his candlelit vigil, he muses that Rosh is right: there is a weakness in him. And the devil of fear that has held his sister, Leah, helpless appears to have found out his innermost weakness.

Despite being a proud, virile member of Rosh's gang of zealots, Daniel has a genuinely caring side, which comes out strongly in this particular episode. To the likes of Rosh, this is a sign of weakness; but as subsequent events will prove, it will give Daniel the strength to follow Jesus along the path of righteousness.

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