What is the significance of the Gandhara style standing Buddha?

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The Gandhara standing Buddha is significant for a couple of reasons.  The first is that its location in the Gandhara region of modern day Pakistan and Afghanistan enables one to fully grasp the reach of Buddhism.  Such geography represents how the religion was something that was embraced throughout so much of Asia at one point in time.  Given the recent destruction of the standing Gandhara Buddhist sculptures under the Taliban, it becomes painfully evident that this wide reach is something that was sought to be destroyed by those in the position of power.  Another significant notion of Gandhara Buddha would be its position in the religion.  Many believe that the standing version of the Buddha is designed to depict to individuals how his presence in this life translates to helping alleviate the "suffering of less enlightened others."  For the standing Buddha, this position reveals his own notion of enlightenment to others who seek to understand how to fully comprehend what the condition of enlightenment means in the modern setting.  The standing vision of the GandharaBuddha is significant in these regards.

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