What is significant of the title "The Power and the Glory?"

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  There maybe two possible meanings to the tilte"The Power and the Glory". Firstly, "The Power" symbolizes the influence and the sovereignty that the Mexican government used in an attempt to eradicate the Catholic religion, whereby the lieutenant and the Chief of police along with their solidiers, were the pivital instruments used in a power driven search to find all remaining priest and execute them. Then, there is "the Glory", which simply represents the survival of religion despite the attempts of the government to rid the state of it. This is seen at the end of the novel where a young boy opens up a door to another priest who is in hiding. This showed that although the government tried to eliminate religion, it will always live on.

The second interpretation of the title "The Power and the Glory" stems from Greene's deep interest in the Catholic religion where he receited such a title from a common prayer,"The Our Father"; 'the power and the glory and the honor is yours now and forever, Amen'. This probably represents Greene's personal opinion on the issue of religion being outlawed in Mexico in such a period of conflict. In his eyes, religion will reign, no matter how much it is opressed and God will always be glorified.

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