What were the significant outcomes of the War of 1812 on the United States? 

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There were significant outcomes for the United States as a result of the War of 1812. One major impact was that it showed that the United States could hold its own if it fought against a major world power. While there was no land that changed hands as a result of the war, the perception of many Americans was that the country had defeated Great Britain, especially after the crushing victory at New Orleans. The war showed that the United States would stand up for its beliefs and fight for them if necessary. The United States was upset that the British interfered with its trade and impressed its sailors.

Another outcome was that it brought a period of political harmony and a sense of national pride to the United States. The Federalist Party disappeared at the end of the war, in part because they were opposed to the war, and people in the country began to believe they could accomplish many things that they might have doubted before. The Era of Good Feelings arrived with the election of...

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