What significant historical events happened in the year 1905?

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A large number of significant historical events happened around the world in 1905. 

In March in Massachusetts, USA, a tragedy occurred in the Grover Shoe Factory where a steam engine boiler exploded, destroying a large portion of the building and starting a fire which eventually killed 58 people. In the aftermath of this tragedy, various safety codes were implemented throughout the USA in the hopes of avoiding more similar disasters.

In January, on a day known as Bloody Sunday, a group of unarmed protestors approached The Winter Palace of St Petersburg, Russia in order to present a petition for improved pay and working conditions for the nations poor.

Whilst they were approaching the building, they were fired on by the Russian Imperial Guard. This overreaction on the part of the Tsarist army lead to mass protests around the country which eventually helped begin the Russian Revolution.

In April, there was an earthquake in Kangra in India which destroyed 100,000 buildings and killed 20,000 people.Nearly the entirety of three towns were destroyed.

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