Important Events In Life Of Pi

What are the significant events in each part of Life of Pi?

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Arguably, the most significant event in Life of Pi is the main source of the story's conflict: the ship sinking and stranding Pi on the raft with the tiger Richard Parker. Other important events include Richard Parker abandoning Pi upon arrival to shore and Pi's telling of the second-version of events, in which his companions on the raft were not animals, but other people. 

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Let us look at the “significant events” of Life of Pi in terms of its plot elements.

The exposition introduces the characters and the setting.  It is most often found at the beginning.  Therefore, the exposition of Life of Pi can be found in Part I.  In fact, this novel has a super long exposition.  We learn about Pi in India.  We learn about Pi’s name, Pi’s family, Pi’s zoo, Pi’s thoughts on religion, and Pi’s thoughts about the containment of animals.  Perhaps the line that best exemplifies the exposition (and, therefore, Pi’s character) in Life of Pi is the line, “No small talk.”

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