What is a significant event in A Girl from Yamhill?  

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I guess the best example of a "significant event" in this memoir of the life of Beverly (Bunn) Cleary would be when the Bunns decide to leave the family farm and move to Portland, Oregon.  The first part of the memoir, of course, has been devoted to life on the family farm in Yamhill and some of the memories that Beverly cherishes as a result (such as seeing her first Christmas tree and the ending of the first World War).  Her father cannot support the family any longer by working the farm (not to mention that her mother, a teacher by trade, feels incredibly trapped in household labor):  two of the reasons why the move to Oregon is made.  Then in the section called "Portland," Beverly's school life up until her graduation from high school (all in the second part of the book) give an interesting view of America from the eyes of a young adolescent, even as the country enters the Great Depression. 

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