What significant event in Part II could I write a news report on in Great Expectations?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, clearly there are plenty of significant events in the second section of this brilliant novel for you to choose from. If you want to write a news report though, I would suggest either conducting an interview with Pip or doing a report on his impressions of London when he first arrives there to possess his great expectations. Why I suggest this is that there is a massive discrepancy between Pip's high hopes for his new life in London and the reality that awaits him in terms of how the setting is described. Consider how the area around Pip's new lodgings is described:

I thought the windows of the sets of chambers into which those houses were divided, were in every stage of dilapidated blind and curtain, crippled flower-pot, cracked glass, dusty decay, and miserable makeshift; while To Let To Let To Let, glared at me from empty rooms, as if no new wretched ever came there, and the vengeance of the soul of Barnard were being slowly appeased by the gradual suicide of the present occupants and their unholy interment under the gravel.

Consider how Pip's feelings are revealed in this passage. Clearly, a news article that allowed you to gain access into the thoughts of Pip as he goes to London and his disappointment regarding the reality of his great expectations would make for a fascinating study of character.

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