What significant event marks the end of the Jurassic Period?

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Jurassic period refers to a period in geological development that started about 200 million ago and lasted upto about 145 million years ago. This era is named after the rock strata found in the Jura Mountain. The Jurassic period was preceded by Triassic period and followed by Cretaceous period. Jurassic period constitutes the middle of Mesozoic era, which is also known as age of reptiles.

The land mass of earth at the beginning of the Jurassic era was close together forming one massive continent called Pangaea as the continents had not drifted apart, The climate of the earth was hot and dry. The animalĀ  life was dominated by dinosaurs and many new species of dinosaurs appeared during Jurassic era. These included giant bird like reptiles capable of flying. Early mammals also developed and diversified during the Jurassic period.

Animals of the Jurassic seas included fish, fish like reptiles, Giant crocodiles, ammonites, squid, ray and shark.

Also the flowering plants evolved during this era. Other plants included tufted palms, seed ferns, gingkos and conifers.

There was minor mass extinction during the end of Jurasssic period, which resulted in death of most of the stegosaurid and sauropod dinasaurs. Many types of ammonoids, marine reptiles and bivalves also became extinct. The cause of this extinction is not known.

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