What significant economic and trade development role did the Nile play for Ancient Egypt?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Nile was extremely important for trade and economic development in Ancient Egypt.  This was because it was the main means by which goods could be transported within Egypt. 

In the ancient world, water travel was by far the most important means of moving heavy good from place to place.  This was a time before trains, of course, so all land commerce had to be animal-powered.  Animals are not very good for pulling or carrying very heavy loads for any sorts of long distances.  Therefore, Egypt’s trade had to rely on the Nile.

Egypt used the Nile to transport goods within the country.  For example, the Nile was used to ferry quarried stone from place to place.  Egypt also used the Nile as a way to move goods into the country from other parts of Africa.  For example, Egypt was able to use the Nile to bring things like gold from Nubia to the south.  Egypt could also use the Nile to transport things like grain to the Mediterranean to be exported.

In these ways, the Nile helped with Egypt’s trade and economic development.