What is so significant about the plot of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close that attracts readers?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For me, one of the aspects that is so enjoyable about this book is the way in which the author deliberately plays with the traditional format of a novel and intersperses it with the perspective of three characters and also various pictures, notebooks, sketched drawings, photos and blank pages. This has the impact of surprising us and drawing us in to the novel and what it is trying to achieve.

Another aspect I personally liked and thought was particularly strong was the way in which the accounts of Oskar, his grandmother and grandfather centred around two tragedies that were separated by years and geography but were linked in the way that both of them robbed the characters of somebody incredibly important. The firebombing at Dresden is therefore coupled with 9/11, and these are the two events that the narratives of the characters circle around as the unspeakable tragedy of losing Oskar's father and Anna, his grandmother's sister, is discussed and analysed.

Lastly, for me what is so good about this book is the way that it focuses on second chances. This is obviously a very hopeful theme, and the way in which Oskar's grandfather and grandmother are given a second chance at happiness and Oskar himself receives many second chances as he looks for what the key is meant to open we as readers can find this book incredibly hopeful and optimistic.

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