What are significant points about the central realtionships in Look Back in Anger?The central relationships are between Jimmy and Alison, Helena and Alison, and Alison and the Colonel.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The greatest point of significance between Jimmy and Alison is that she can't relate to his feelings of anger and his mean treatment of herself and others because she is the product of her upper class background and therefore doesn't feel the cause for rage that Jimmy feels. Jimmy, on the other hand, is incensed by Alison's inability to perceive suffering in the class structure that enrages him and thinks of Alison as "fence sitting" because she can't make an emotional commitment to the suffering that she can't perceive.

The greatest point of significance between Helena and Alison is that they are both from upper class backgrounds and have the same percpectives (or lack thereof), which includes a religious devotion and church affilitation. They go to church together--suffering Jimmy's angry ridicule--when they visit together.

The greatest point between Alison and her father the Colonel is that (1) she rebelled against him in marrying Jimmy, though the Colonel tries to be accepting and not hold a grudge against his daughter, and (2) he warmly takes her in and gives her aid when she decides to leave Jimmy.

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