Cane Questions and Answers
by Jean Toomer

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What is so significant about the book written by Jean Toomer, also known as "Cane"?

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Cane is a wonderful book. It was significant in its time for being a leading influence in the Harlem Renaissance. The form of the book was also praised; it was unique. To this day, it's considered one of the most significant books written by an African American author. It was called this because Toomer wrote of the African American experience as none before had. It wasn't, however surprisingly, a commercial success. It sold very few copies, even after all of the praise. The book was republished in the 1960s and has been praised as a classic since.

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lamzo | Student

after having read the book twice what seems to me to be symbolized the most is the way in which black folks males as well as females  are praised the former in the canefields,the latter on singing  as evidenced in most of its chapters"blood burning moon","box seat", "theater" etc...