What is significant in the opening scene of one of William Shakespeare's plays?It is for an assigment.

Expert Answers
William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have modified your question slightly because it is impossible to discuss the opening scenes of six Shakespeare plays in the limited space available. The most striking effect in the opening of any of Shakespeare's plays can be found in Macbeth. Three witches, deservedly called the Weird Sisters, appear with thunder and lightning in the background. They talk to each others in a strange language and quickly exit. Shakespeare's theater was a noisy and sometimes unruly place. He tried to capture the audience's attention quickly so as to silence the conversations and other crowd noise and enable his performers to be heard. In Hamlet he has a guard shout, "Halt! Who goes there?" This suggests that something violent may be about to happen and should capture the audience's attention, especially that of the noisiest group who were always those assembled in the pit directly in front of the stage. Understanding Shakespeare's plays often requires understanding the problems involved in staging them.