Discuss the significance of Veronica's dream.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Veronica's dream holds significance on both political and personal levels.  In terms of the latter, Veronica represents a desire to break with the ghosts of the past and move towards an unknown future, but do so with a sense of optimism and hope.  Veronica recognizes that there are barriers upon her in terms of her mother's demise at the hands of dreams and the despair that her grandfather has had to make peace with as an elderly Black man in an apartheid South Africa.  Veronica understands her own condition as one of not being wealthy and being armed only with a passion for song.  Yet, this is enough for her and what animates her.  The significance of Veronica's dream on a personal level shows the affirmation of the subjective and the need to adhere to it regardless of external reality.  The calling of the subjective is compelling in Veronica and in honoring it, there is a recognition of the redemption that exists in the subjectivity of one's dreams and passions. 

From a political point of view, Veronica represents the hope for a new South Africa.  Emerging from the ashes of apartheid, which did more to kill the dreams of so many, Veronica represents the vanguard of a new generation of young people who are willing to embrace the promise of the future without being weighed from the pain of the past.  If there is any hope in the post- Apartheid South Africa, Fugard makes it clear that it will come from the Veronicas of the nation.  White society will have to recognize the fundamental changing paradigm that Black South Africans are embracing.  Between both, Fugard suggests that there is hope for South Africa.  When Veronica sees The Author for the last time before her leaving, he acknowledges this in speaking to her when he says, "The future belongs to you now.’’   Coming from Fugard's words and Fugard himself, this represents how Veronica's dreams of unlimited opportunity and hope for participating in the dream that is the new South Africa.  In a world of uncertainty, the political significance of Veronica's dreams represents how faith in oneself and one's abilities as well as listening to the passions within the subjective in the hopes of making the world better is where hope lies regardless of context.