What is the significance of the title relative to the story?  

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The novel involves how various characters find solitude.  Each member of the Buendia family winds up in solitude.  Jose Arcadio Buendia finds solitude through his obsession with inventions and discoveries.  Arcadio finds solitude through his abusive use of power.  Colonel Aureliano seeks solitude with his isolating chalk circle and his fame.  Ursula finds solitude in old age.  These are just a few of the examples.  Some, such as Amaranta, enter solitude by choice.  Some, like Meme,  are forced into it.  Throughout the novel, Marquez explores the temptation that we all face to withdraw into ourselves, to retreat, to insulate, and isolate.  We can see ourselves in the Buendia family members as their world expands but then inevitably contracts into a smaller and smaller circle, filled with routine and obsession.

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Excellent.  Macondo was a community that sought to establish a setting for indivudal solitude.  Among communities it had withdrawn, so to speak?