What is the significance of the title Saint Maybe as it applied to Ian's life and his attitude of self-loathingYour input would be much appreciated!

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Tamara K. H. eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The title Saint Maybe very aptly describes Ian’s life and the self-loathing he feel with relation to the guilt for being responsible for his brother Danny’s death.  Saint Maybe describes Ian who has committed himself to religion in the Church of Second Chance and accepts that he was wrong and that it was out of anger towards Lucy that he accused of Lucy of cheating on his brother and rearing a child that isn’t his brother’s.  Ian accepts that it was these words that drove Danny to kill himself.  Ian, out of an understanding of repentance, takes care of Danny’s three children, but continues to feel guilty until he forgives Danny and Lucy.  Saint Maybe describes Ian in his religious pursuits and his inability to do things perfectly.

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